Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I helped pass the Green Jobs Act

In September 2008 thousands across the country rallied to encourage our government to fund the development of Green Jobs. I joined a group from the Lake Country Unitarian Universalist Church in Hartland. And now, 5 months later, we have it!!!!

Well, not so fast. I am not so naive to think that our collection of posters and petitions and others like it really made the difference. A few other events have happened in the meantime including a major changing of the guard in our presidency and adminstration and a global economic collapse. Everything came together at the same time to make this commitment finally a priority.

But I am also not jaded enough to think that our voices did not matter at all. Clearly grassroots action can have a huge effect as we experienced with the election of president Obama. But I don't think it is really the signatures on the piece of paper that do the job. I believe that what happens is a shift in collective conscientiousness. People start talking to their neighbors and friends, articles are written, people talk more, movies are made, people talk more, marketing departments catch on, and people talk more. Little by little attitudes shift so that what was once a radical idea becomes the norm. Think about compact flourescent light bulbs-once expensive, weird looking and possibly dangerous now is sold at Walmart, comes in a range of options and it's predecessor is considered practically sinful. When Green became trendy, things started to change and laws could be passed. Trends and culture norms are not legislated, they grow from person to person. Go to www.greenforall.org for more info.

Keep talking...Be a trend-setter!


Anonymous said...

sure is a good looking group of people at that UU church. I bet there real nice folks too !

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