Sunday, November 23, 2008

gifts for kids to make and give

Tina's comment on the advent calendar reminded me that I need to think of an idea for my kids to make for gifts this year. I too and thrilled that my children love to make and give gifts. However, a few years back it got out of hand, with each child wanting to make a multitude of gifts for every family member (all starting in December!). An easier solution has been for us to make a family gift, from all of us to each of the households in our family. If the kids come up with extra ideas and we have the time, that is fine too. I like to think of ideas that are somewhat simple for all ages to participate in making and useful (not just something that gets set out and then tossed). Here is a list of what we have done in the past:

homemade rootbeer (made last Solstice eve: very fun and yummy!)
pinecone firestarters (dipped in wax and salt)
rolled beeswax candles
bookmarks (ribbon with beads and charms)
notepads (you can have a printer make one with your kids' small drawing for really cheap)
hot cocoa mix
lavender sachets
suet bird feeder squares
notecards from photos from our garden etc
bedroom door notepad/message boards for all the cousins

Now I am in need of a new idea! I could go back and repeat, but it is more fun to try new stuff.I just started a subscription to Living Crafts magazine I am thinking of making beaded prayer bowls. Any ideas from all of you?

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Earthbound Spirit said...

Spice mixes - I have a cookbook with a few mix recipes.

"Russian Tea" mix - made with instant iced tea mix and a few other ingredients, orangey-spicey tea to make you warm in the winter. (I'll find the recipe if you want.)

Bean soup mix - blend dried beans and spices in a glass jar, top with a square of pretty fabric, attach a recipe. We did that for teachers' gifts one year.