Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hundred Dollar Holiday

We're back... for a bit. Over the next month and a half Kristin and I, along with a few other guest bloggers, will be challenging ourselves to create a more meaningful holiday season by, among many other things, spending less money. The inspiration for this came from the title of Bill McKibben's book, Hundred Dollar Holiday: The Case for More Joyful Christmas, which explores how we can make the holiday season more about traditions, family, and meaning and less about spending money. Our plan is to document over the course of the next 40-odd days how we spend our days and our money. At the end of each blog post we will give our monetary totals to date, but most post will also discuss how we spend our time and how that enhances or detracts from the meaning of the season.

So... to our 1 and a half readers out there, please check back over the next few weeks and chime in on how you are spending your days or money this season!


Earthbound Spirit said...

Surely there are more than 1 and a half readers...

Julie-Ann said...

I didn't know you were back! I love all of your ideas. I wish I had kids so I could use your ideas to make a simple, happy holiday season for children. Well, on 2nd thought forget the kids and I'll just enjoy reading the blog!

I know you are all busy women, but I love reading your thoughts and ideas on making this a more green and gentle world. Please keep up the good work.