Friday, May 23, 2008

indoor laundry line

One of my goals for this month was to rig up an indoor line or two for winter hanging. This wouldn't be for all the clothes as I don't have a big area, but could be for my daughter's pants that I don't want to shrink faster than she is growing, maybe a sweater drying rack etc. I have a "laundry closet" that is long and narrow-just the depth for the washer and dryer and twice as long. 

I am looking for suggestions on what might work or design ideas from other people that might be more fun and useful that just stringing up a line (although that is an option). I am thinking there may be ways to do a pull out drying rack or that kind of thing that maximizes space. If you have something that works, especially for small spaces, I'd love to hear about it! Once my tomato plants are off the shelf, I'll be ready for the next project. 


Julie-Ann said...

I'm fussy about what I will put into my dryer. I find clothes last longer if I line dry them. However, I live alone and don't have tons of laundry as someone who has a family does.

I have an indoor laundry line in my basement that I use all the time for clothing that I don't want to go into the dryer. I also have drying racks (from K-Mart) that work great for sweaters and silks. They are stackable.

I have a screened-in porch that I use for drying some clothes in summer. I bought a small retractable clothes line from Lillian Vernon catalog. It works great and then just rolls up the rope and it is out of the way. It it mounted on one wall with a hook for the end of the rope on the opposite wall. I love it.

Love your site!

Kris said...

Ooooo, I have a screen porch too (although smaller than yours) that I could use in the winter. However the mailman actually delivers the mail by walking into and through the porch so it would involve moving the mailbox. Hmmm. Do the clothes get crunchy in the winter? I know my in-laws do this. Maybe they fluff the clothes afterward.