Monday, May 5, 2008

May Challenge - Laundry Logic

Today is Monday, which means it is laundry day here at my house, which in turn means that I am all smiles because I love doing laundry. This may change in the future when we are no longer a two-person household and therefore have many more loads of laundry, but for now I love the whole process... the sorting, the measuring, the hanging clothes on the line, the folding and the putting away in neat little piles. Doing laundry brings a fresh new start to each week for me. So, May will be a fabulous month for me as we discuss all things laundry related and how we can green our laundry routines. We will discuss greener laundry detergents, 'homemade' detergents, the ills of the dryer and the saintliness of the clothesline. We will emerge from May cleaner, greener and smelling oh so pretty.

I am off to hang clothes out on the line and enjoy the beautiful day. In the next few days I will be revealing the details of our May contest, so stay tuned. Plus, we will let you in on what our personal laundry challenges will be for the month. Oh the excitement :)

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