Friday, March 28, 2008

And I do

A few friends and I had a swap party a few weeks ago (in honor of purge month) where we all brought some of our cast-offs and fought each other for them. I came away with a few gems: a chess board, a mobile making kit, and this mug. I had been coveting one of these fancy traveling mugs for quite some time (to carry my oh-so-grown-up hot cocoa) and lo and behold, there was one in the swap pile. At first I was thinking I could cover up the Kohl's logo on the side, but then I realized, well, what's wrong with expecting great things? So I have now embraced it as my motto as well.

In that vein I headed to my local coffee shop, That Great Coffee Place in Hartland to test the waters to see if by using my super hip new-to-me coffee mug I'd get a discount on a beverage. I didn't seem to get a discount but a) I didn't ask as I felt totally out of place in a coffee shop surrounded by people way hipper and cuter than me and b) they seem to have a discount program for reusable mugs but only if you use a house mug (which my clearly labeled mug is not). The beverage, a cafe mocha, was delicious. While there I inquired about getting their used coffee grounds (like Starbucks' program) for my garden and was told I should follow up with the manager during the week, which I will do and report back to you. It would be quite exciting to bike over to TGCP during the summer and come back with used coffee grounds for my garden. It would add yet another level to my plans for my best garden ever.

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Earthbound Spirit said...

Oh, do ask about discounts! Starbucks gives me a discount, even though I use an "Equal Exchange" mug. Three coffee shops within walking distance of my school all give discounts for customers who bring their own mugs, regardless of where the mug came from. I'm not sure what the Starbucks discount is, but "the Med" and the Div School Cafe both charge you for just a small coffee with reusable mugs.