Friday, March 7, 2008

What do I use for the dog doo doo?

If I stop accumulating plastic bags, what do I use to pick up the dog doo doo? What about the cat litter? What about the bathroom trash pails? What about the garbage off my kids' bedroom floors? What about.....etc etc? The reuses (ahem, excuses) for these simple bags are endless.

I have been feeling pretty good about the fact that my bags get reused, if only once more. But, the point of a monthly challenge is to nudge us a bit beyond our comfort zone; to try to do a bit better than wherever we are at. So I've been thinking if this is really the best solution. Reusing is good, but when it comes down to it, my dog-poopy plastic bag ends up in the same landfill as the empty plastic bag. Could I do all these things without the plastic bags in the first place? What did pet owners do before so many millions of plastic bags? I have seen the little paper bags they have at the dog parks, but I am not inclined to buy something to replace something I had for free. I am starting to think that perhaps part of our collective resistance to using alternatives to disposable bags at the stores, is that these bags are really handy to reuse at home. If I decrease my need to reuse these bags, will I be more motivated to keep them out of my house in the first place? 

This month I am going to try to think creatively-what would I do if plastic bags have been outlawed as they have been in San Fransisco? When I go to reach for a bag, I will try to think if there is another way to do what I need to do. I have a feeling that plastic bags might still be the picker-upper of choice for my dog walks, but I am hoping some of you out have already thought of a better way. I'd love to hear from anyone out there that has broken the plastic bag habit!


Earthbound Spirit said...

I haven't seen one of these for years, and don't have a dog, however... I have seen pooper-scoopers for dog-walkers before. Metal or plastic, with long handles and claw-like (think of those coin-operated toy vending machines) things at one end for picking up the poop. The ones I used to see were solid claws (no holes). I guess dog walkers would carry the poop home & dispose of it, somehow.

Julie-Ann said...

Personally, I purchase "doggie poopie bags" at Target. They are plastic. However, they work great when walking my 2 dogs. I use old plastic bags from shopping to clean up my yard.

I have started using cloth bags when grocery shopping, so my supply of the plastic "free" bags was very low. A few days ago while grocery shopping I did ask for all plastic. It just about killed me, but I needed to replenish my supply of yard clean-up bags.

I walk 2 dogs so carrying around a pooper scooper doesn't work. Plus, I walked them for over a mile, twice a day (weather permitting). That is a long way to lug something with two dogs pulling my arms off! However, it would be great for yard clean up. I would still have to put the poop into something else. This could be where the brown paper grocery bags come in.

I love your site!

Kris said...


you and I are in the same boat with those dogs-I take plastic when I need them for the dogs. I am thinking about other plastic bags like bread or bagel bags. Not sure if they are big/wide enough, but worth a try.

I do use the scooper thing in the back yard (especially in spring when I haven't kept up). At least it all goes in one bag.