Wednesday, March 19, 2008

leftovers #1

This is the first of several posts that I plan to do about storing leftovers without disposable containers.

We tend to have a fair amount of leftovers in our house. My husband and I happen to be the type of people who also love leftovers (I know there are those out there who only like food the first go around). About 10 years ago we bought a set of washable, reusable elastic covers (from Seventh Generation/Harmony) that you could just stretch over whatever container the food was already in. I loved them! They came in large sizes to go over casserole dishes and little ones just the right size for the half-eaten yogurt. We would wash them and hang to dry with our ziplocks. 

Since then a disposable version of this product came on the market. These have all the same convenience without the great waste savings. Little by little our "stretchy cover things"  wore out and when we tried to buy more, they weren't to be found. It doesn't help that I don't know what they are called, but all related descriptors failed to turn up anything on my Googling. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET MORE OF THESE? Perhaps they were found to be made of a horrible plastic or trapped harmful germs in the elastic and I should just move on, but I still miss my "stretchy cover things". 


Wendy said...

I've never used those covers, but I've certainly seen the boxes at the grocery store. ...obviously they're not the ones you like, though.

What about getting some new hair covers, the kind you use in the shower. Those might be sturdy enough for many rewashings. I have no idea about the safety of them near food, though.

What about sewing some? There are various materials that might work, and then you could make them in all sorts of sizes.

In our home, I have plastic lids for all my corning pans and pyrex bowls. That way I just store the food in the pan and with the fitted lid, I can stack the pans in the fridge. I also tend to use a lot of canning jars for foods. Soups, veggies and gravies work great in jars, and they fit on the door, too.

Wendy said...

Hey! Guess what I just found online while searching on the Lehman's site for something else. If found reusable covers.

Maybe these are what you're looking for. $2 for a pack of 6.