Monday, March 17, 2008

Yes, I may be crazy

A few posts back I promised I would have a talk with the main trash producers in our house (the boys, pictured above) in order to come up with a plan to curb much of our garbage export and in turn stop the need for most of the plastic bags in our house. I imagined a day when taking out the trash would become a chore I never had to do. The boys didn't have much input on the subject, in fact, they kept trying to move the conversation towards discussing the diet they've been put on (our black cat recently weighed in at 22 pounds... this is mortifying as a cat owner). But then... Kris to the rescue!! She sent me this link which posed the question "Can you compost cat poop?" which led to this link about how to do it which then led to this link with all sorts of resources on what type of litter to use. So, I have had composting on the brain lately and think I might just take the plunge. I feel safe doing this as my cats are 100% indoor cats and therefore are very unlikely to carry toxoplasmosis. Even if I don't end up going the composting route, I will for sure be switching to a different type of litter as the evils of clay-based litter are now too obvious to continue to ignore. Based on the kitty litter resource link above I will be attempting to get Swheat Scoop or Feline Pine from Petco in Delafield or Cat's Pride, Feline Pine or Litter Mate from Pet Supplies Plus in Brookfield (their websites say they carry these brands, but I won't know for sure until I check it out in person).

I realize this is a VERY roundabout way of addressing the plastic bag issue, but it ties in somehow. Maybe one of these months we will do a pet care challenge and then I can report back on how my kitty litter composting is coming along. I'm sure you all will eagerly await that post.

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