Friday, March 14, 2008

I Heart Sigg

We all know that buying bottled water is bad. And most of us have also learned the scary side of some reusable plastic water bottles, such as Nalgene or other hard plastic bottles. So what to do? You get the world's coolest water bottle, Sigg. They seem too perfect to be true. 0% leaching into the beverages they contain. Recyclable at the end of their life. And they come in really fun designs and colors. I can't seem to find anything wrong with them. Does anyone know something I'm missing?

I know of two local sources that sell Sigg water bottles. REI in Brookfield, where we got our grown-up bottles and the unbearably cute kid sippy cups above. Kris also saw them at Good Harvest Market in Waukesha. Does anyone else know where to find these bottles locally?


Jill said...

OK, I love how cute the SIGG bottles are, but I am really having a difficult time figuring out how to drink from the water bottle-type lids. I love that it's pretty much leakproof, but it seems like in order to drink water out of it, you have to use your lips to push the whole white part surrounding the opening down, and then suck. When I drink out of these I feel (and most likely look) like I'm sucking milk out of a cow. I also usually end up with lipstick smeared all over the spout. I have four SIGG bottles that all have these type of lids, and one with a looped screw-on top. I find myself constantly just using the screw-top lid, so I don't have to deal with the awkwardness of the water-bottle-type lid.

Am I not understanding the proper way to drink out of these bottles? If anyone knows of an online tutorial in how to effectively drink out of the SIGG bottles, I'd love to hear about it.

One other note: about a year ago, I saw the SIGG bottles being sold at George Watts downtown, of all places. I wonder if there are other boutique-type stores that carry the bottles just because they've got such neat graphics and designs.

Kris said...

It must be a sign! On the way to work today I heard the DJ's talking about these bottles on the radio station 93.3.

I haven't used these but I could imagine the issue Jill is talking about. Most plastic bottles you can squeeze. Not so with these. Because they are so hip, I might just have to get one to "test" it for myself

Courtney said...

I had never thought about how it would be to drink out of the bottles with the little spout. I bought the ones with the spout for our kid, but had only ever actually drank out of the looped screw-on cap type. So, today, just for you Jill, I tried the spout types and, while it was a bit weird, the whole not being able to squeeze the bottle thing, it didn't seem too hard if you tipped the whole bottle up. Perhaps you aren't tipping the bottle back far enough? Or perhaps it is just a bad sign for a company that there are people out there discussing how to drink out of their bottles (which one would think should be simple).

Yael said...

One thing our school is looking into doing is doing greenraising instead of fundraising. See the link below You can register a non-profit and receive proceeds instead of the typical fund raising where there is incredible waste. They sell Sigg bottles on this site. I love this idea as many of the schoolsin our area host a plastic bag ziploc style fundraiser!!! It kills me!

Wendy said...

I prefer glass water bottles. Many years ago I bought 4 Snapples and enjoyed them. Then I washed the bottles and have been reusing them ever since. I like glass because it can be easily washed at the sink, as well as can be boiled if I think they need it (such as during illness).

I bring my water bottles nearly everywhere, including to church since I don't like the taste of city water.

I do find it impractical to have glass at times, but rarely. If I'm in a gym or other place, I put my glass bottles in a wrap to prevent them from smashing if they get dropped. I suppose they could break, but the fabric would prevent the glass from going all over.

In February when it was so icey, I was carrying a bottle in my hand when I slipped and fell. I instinctively put my hands out, bottle and all. I fell hard and injured my knee. My hand hurt from being squished between the ice and the bottle it was holding. And the glass survived just fine. Not a crack on it, even though it hit the concrete pretty hard. Snapple has some thick and hearty glass.

Kris said...

Another place to get SIGG bottles. Sherpers in Oconomowoc sells them. Just picked one up for me and for my sister's birthday. Now all my kids want them. At 20 dollars a pop, they may need to wait for their birthdays too. I got an extra big one without the spout so I can enjoy lipstick and all!