Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Challenge - Green Your Lawn

As the snow receded slowly over the past week it uncovered a well-hidden winter secret in my front lawn. Something (I'm guessing a mole or some other cute digger-animal) had a very fun winter digging a serious maze of tunnels just under the grass. My lawn looks a bit like a miniature construction site. I'm considering putting some toy trucks out there to round out the effect. I realize that most people would cringe at the sight of this newest development, but it sort of makes me smile for two reasons. One, I love the fact that animals like to call my yard home, it means they are finding food to eat and that it is free from nasty pesticides. Two, since the critters have done half the work already I figure this is the perfect excuse to finally dig up the rest of my front lawn and replace the whole thing with a lovely garden (something I've been dreaming of since they day I moved in 6 years ago).

Perhaps I'm starting this whole "green your lawn" challenge off on the wrong foot, but I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my lawn. I understand it has a function, especially with kids in our not-too-distant future. A lawn is good for picnics and games of tag and bocce ball and for laying on to gaze up at clouds on summer days. But then there is the mowing and the two weeks in May when I am embarrassed by our lawn because of the riot of dandelions partying it up. I'm beginning to realize that my lawn messes with my head. It makes me think about my role in the neighborhood vs. my role on the planet and then it makes me wonder why on earth these two roles are opposed. Suffice it to say, I need this "green your lawn" challenge as much for practical reasons as for psychological reasons.

So, here we go! Over the course of April we will share ideas for eliminating the need for toxins in your yard and ways to make your lawn and your lawncare routine green. I see good things for us in April!


Earthbound Spirit said...

One of the bus drivers once asked our kids if we were "crazy environmentalists" because of the carpet of dandelions in our yard. sigh... Because she'd heard it over & over our daughter told him what we always said - we'd rather have dandelions and a lawn on which our kids could run barefoot than a carpet of thick green grass that was dangerous to our health. Besides - isn't it nice to get a bunch of dandelions from a child?

ddcb said...

Great article - I was just looking into this and found a fairly good site - www.safelawns.org

Glad to see another "sustainability" focused group in Lake Country!