Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Green Garden Parties

If you can't make it to the Green Garden Party hosted at Good Harvest Market (see Kris' post below) you can schedule your very own, free party at your house.  Meribeth Sullivan, compost guru, recycling specialist, master gardener and very cool person does these parties through the county for residents in Waukesha County.  So, be the first person on your block to host a Green Garden Party in your backyard... you'll learn a lot and have a lot of fun.  You can schedule a party or find out more information by calling the county at 262-896-8300.


Kris said...

Courtney, can you tell more about these parties? I had the impression that it was to showcase a lawn/garden that was green and beautiful etc. Now it seems Iike I could have a party more as a consultation. Do strangers come, or do you invite your neighbors? How does this work?

Courtney said...

The party is more of an educational opportunity, not to showcase a certain backyard or lawn. Meribeth does a presentation on topics you choose from a list (non-toxic lawn care, composting, leaf mulching, organic gardening, etc) and then she fields questions from the party goers. The parties are usually held in someones backyard, but it could also be at a community center or a store or a school or wherever. The parties that are held at homes are often followed by a little lunch or snacks or with some perennial plant trading. Every party I have been to has been quite fun and full of great info. If you are hosting it at your house you get to choose the guest list (so, presumably not strangers)... your neighbors, friends, whatever. And did I mention the parties are free? Seriously people, free garden fun!!