Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great paper source

In my quest to find cool paper envelopes for an upcoming project I stumbled upon this amazing web store (which, while on the internet, is located in Sun Prairie, just outside of Madison), called The Paper Mill Store.  They have any kind of paper you could possibly imagine, but the great thing is you can search by environmental attributes, like recycled content, tree-free paper, FSC certified, non-chlorine whatever.  But then it gets even cooler.  After I ordered my cool envelopes I got this e-mail from them:

"Your order will be processed and shipped... using 100% renewable energy through our purchase of wind power credits.  Our use of wind power avoids introducing 341,445 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.  We also offset 100% of the CO2 produced by shipping to your location, avoiding an additional 230,000 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.  As well, your order will be shipped to you in our 50% recycled shipping boxes, which we have specially made to reduce our use of energy, natural resources and to provide a sturdy box. "

Amazing!  And this is a paper company!!  

This makes me very happy and cheery.  Usually on Earth Day I get bummed and gripe about how people get all jazzed for one day and then forget about the environment for the other 364 days.  But today, and mostly because of the above e-mail I think that maybe, just maybe, things are really changing.  Maybe businesses are getting the picture.  Maybe.

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Amy T said...

I thought I would add that most of the paper they sell is made in Wisconsin mills (it's the headquarters that is located in Sun Prarie),which is another plus. I used paper from them for my wedding invitations and was very happy with the result. A very affordable solution for high end recycled paper, two things that can be hard to find together!