Monday, April 7, 2008

More Local Foods Fair

As promised, here is some more about some of the info you can pick up at the Local Foods Fair in Hartland on April 13th (see previous posts)

Mason Creek Winery: Handcrafted wines made right here in Lake Country (all grapes from US, some from Hubertus and Chenequa)

Battle Creek Beef and Bison: Naturally raised beef and Bison south of Oconomowoc. Baby Beef and Bison Day is fun family event held every Memorial Day.
Prairie Hill Farms: Grass fed beef, pastured poultry, rabbits, lamb and free range brown eggs. Located in Palmyra.

LotFotl Farm/CSA: A new CSA that farms on land at Michael Fields Institute in East Troy

Someday Gardens: CSA in Jefferson County and rain barrels

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