Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Forsythia is in bloom! That means it's time for corn gluten meal!

Last year my sister gave me a bag of corn gluten meal since she had ordered too much for her lawn. So, I applied it last fall to my lawn, and, according to the bag, now that the forsythia is blooming it is time for the spring application. Corn gluten meal is an alternative to nasty pesticides for reducing the amount of weeds in your lawn. It only works on seeds, not on established weed plants, but it is supposed to slow the spread of weeds throughout your lawn. I try not to stress about my lawn, but I'll admit that for a couple weeks in May when dandelions are running riot across my front yard I feel like a "bad homeowner". Which is annoying because our standard of "good homeowner" seems to be a surreal green lawn, weed-free thanks to annual applications of toxic herbicides. Anyway, the corn gluten meal is my small attempt in trying to curb the dandelion's quest for total lawn domination. If you want to read more about the stuff, click here.


Kris said...

Do you know where we can get this stuff locally? Since I got the leftovers from your sister's leftovers, and put my first application down last fall, I am excited to put down a spring application to see what it will do over time. Of course, I am only applying this to my front lawn for the benefit of the neighbors!!!!!

Kris said...

I have found out the May Garden Center in Oconomowoc and Stein Garden in Pewaukee both sell Corn Gluten meal