Monday, April 7, 2008

Even More Local Foods Fair

We are on a roll. I am getting very exciting (and hungry) with all the folks signing up to have a table at the Local Foods Fair. Here are a few more who confirmed today

High Cross Farm: CSA that delivers all over our area and wool (gotta check out the cute photos on the website!) Kath will also be providing a second presentation about all the nutritional benefits of  "super foods".

R-Farms: Pasture raised meat (beef, pork, poultry) and eggs and some fresh seasonal produce. Sells at the farm and Dousman Farmer's Market. No website, contact info:
W394 S4398 Hwy Z 
Dousman, WI 53118
(414) 881-2098

Tina's Friend, Gene, the honey guy Well, that is what I am calling him until I know if there is another name. Not sure if there is business name, and I don't really care as long as I know how to get more of his delicious raw honey when I run out!

The reasons to attend this fair, just keep growing!


ddcb said...

Kris - Have you contacted Hartland Market about attending the fair? They are a small local organic store that will be expanding in the near future in the downtown of Hartland. They are currently located on E. Capitol next to the US Bank building.

Kris said...


Yes we have and they are not able to attend, however we may be able to have some of their materials available. I know they are trying to carry more local products and already carry some local bakery items, eggs from R-farms, pork from Organic Jacks and Wisconsin Organic milk not to mention the Hartland Farmer's Market in the parking lot during the summer

Jill said...

FYI -- I don't think Hartland Market is going to continue with the farmer's market this summer. I spoke with owner Rebecca Steiner earlier this week about it, and she said she's hoping to have some local food producers offer demonstrations and tastings of their products on Saturday mornings, but it likely won't be a full-blown farmer's market again.