Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Little Green Machine

Today is the last day of our April Challenge to green our lawns, so I figured now would be the time to leave you with what I think is a huge piece to the green lawn puzzle: re-thinking how you mow your lawn. Three years ago after our hand-me-down electric mower started showing signs of revolt, we bought a Brill Luxus reel mower (pictured above). Since the cute little green machine has arrived in my life I have enjoyed quiet, gas-smell-free, fear-of-losing-a-limb-free mowing. Yes, it takes a bit of muscle power, but I can really use the exercise (seeing as how I don't exercise on purpose, like, ever). I'm sure you've all heard it before, that mowing with a gas mower for one hour produces as much pollution as driving a car for 200 miles. So, when I'm using my little reel mower I'm not only getting exercise and listening to the birds sing, I am also feeling smug about my eco-saintliness at that moment.

That's a wrap for my two cents on the April Challenge. We hope you will join us during the month of May when we sort out the eco-logic of laundry. As laundry is hands down my favorite chore (would I even call it a chore?) I am quite looking forward to the month of May. Now I'm off to mow the lawn. With my cute little mower :)

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Kris said...

When I had a smaller yard in Wauwatosa we had a mower like this and I absolutely LOVED it. My neighbors would feel sorry for me and would offer to lend us their noise-maker mower. I found mowing peaceful. In fact, I often mowed while my daughter (then a baby/toddler) would nap in a backpack. Talk about multitasking-lawn mowing, exercise and a nap! When my kids were preschoolers it was wonderful also because I felt like I could mow while they played without fear of a severed toe. As soon as you stop pushing one of these it immediately stops. Also, it is quiet so you can hear them coming. Now that we have a big yard and a riding lawn mower I hardly ever mow. In part I am a wimp about big machines and clutches. bit I also don't feel like I can do it safely with a little one around. I miss my push reel. Maybe I could trade in my trim mower for one of these wonders.