Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clothes Purge

I once had a roommate who had the perfect clothes closet. I don't mean a walk-in or California closet. I mean what was in it. She had only 20 or so items of clothing. When I asked her how she did this, she replied, "I love everything in it and most of it goes together, I never have to think about what to wear". She was right-I loved (and borrowed) everything in it too! She didn't keep (or buy) clothes she wasn't going to feel good in on a day to day basis. My closet if far from this. I have clothes that no longer fit, that don't really go with anything, that just don't feel like me, etc. 

I have a tendency to hang on to clothes for all sorts of reasons. There are the pair of "skinny jeans", you know the ones that represent hope and possibility. No one should purge those! There are also clothes that have memories (like that itchy bulky sweater I bought in college) that really should go. When it comes to kids, the thrifty and environmental choice can be to hold on to clothes to hand down to the younger siblings. I buy unisex snow boots, rain jackets and other gear for that reason. However, I did learn my lesson that hanging on to too much stuff can also be wasteful. I have two daughters, 7 years apart. I saved all the older one's baby clothes out of nostalgia and thrift. When the younger one was born, I was shocked to open those boxes and see that baby clothes really do go out of style and I didn't like a lot of what was in there. For seven years I was hostess to these boxes when those clothes could have served several other babies while the styles were still cute and in good shape. Now I try to pass clothes on to someone who can use them right away and find other's second hand clothes for the kids.

Here is a closet purge idea I recently heard about that you can try. Hang all your clothes backwards on their hangers. As you wear them, turn them around. By the end of the season, whatever you haven't worn goes. See our links for local donation options or make some extra cash by taking them to a consignment store. 


Rebecca said...

You have inpsired me to finish my clothes purge ! I actually moved a dresser into my "walk-in" closet to store winter items.

More then half the items I don't wear and am just holding onto for security. The mental burden of organizing and cleaning is more then the financial cost of replacing one or two items.

My good friend constantly finds bargains at resale stores, clothes with the tags still on !

Kris said...

Today's spring snowstorm is giving me a bit of extra time to wear more winter clothes. I have worn some things I haven't in awhile and decided I still like them. A few other things still hang sadly on the left side of the closet seeming to know that their time is drawing near. They look like perfectly nice clothes and I have no good reason for not wearing them, but still they hang without being chosen. I hung a pair of overall shorts in between as a reminder that the end of the trial is warm weather! I guess I'll need to hang a sweater during my spring purge.