Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 3 - Crafty Reuse

Thanks to Queen B for her suggestion/query about frames (Queen B also happens to be my lovely sister) as it inspired today's crafty reuse. Way back this summer (remember summer?) I bought a bunch of frames at St. Vincent de Paul in Oconomowoc to make a photo collage in our dining room. Months later, most of the frames were still unused so I decided to finish off that project as part of my February crafty challenge. I had bought frames that were all basically the same type of wood and then cut white mats for all the photos so that, while the frames were all different shapes, styles, and sizes, the mats would be the unifying theme. Finally, all the photos are framed, matted and put up on the shelf. I'm really happy with how they turned out... especially considering each frame was, oh, like, two dollars. Note the other crafty reuse in the picture, my ongoing collection of sand from various places we've visited. The sand is housed in little bottles that once held wine (I'm a sucker for those cute little bottles, partly because they are fun to drink from and partly because they make the perfect receptacles for the sand). I'm realizing now that we are so not little globe-trotters as there are only 18 bottles up there and most of those are from exotic places like Delafield, Madison, or Kohler. Alas, that is the beauty of a lifetime collection, right? Gives it time to grow.

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