Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 4 - Crafty Reuse

I know, I know, I'm cheating by posting two Crafty Reuse items on one day, but, alas, yesterday slipped away from me without a post. So, you get two today! This project has been in my brain for a really, really long time. Years ago my mother-in-law (one of my craft and sewing heroes) made a blanket for me out of old sweaters that she had attached together with crochet between each of the squares. It is, hands down, the cuddliest blanket ever... stretchy and warm and soft and fun. However, my cats love it, too, especially to burrow under so there are now holes in the crocheted part where their little noses have poked through (I have never stopped this activity as it is too cute to watch them under the blanket, nosing around like a blanket alien, snorting all the while). Anyway, I have been saving sweaters to make a similar blanket for the baby's room and have finally tackled the project. It turned out better then I had expected and so, so soft as many of the sweaters were cashmere. There are many places on the internet to find basic instructions on how to make one, but really it is an extremely easy project. Just felt the sweaters, cut out squares and sew 'em together. A Friend to Knit With has an example on her blog, as does Danny Seo (a very cool green site... if you haven't checked out his blog you should). I followed the instructions in Alterknits, a fun knitting book. My blanket in the photo above is hanging on another fun reuse project, a wooden ladder (a major score one trash day) that I painted white and am using as a display rack in the baby's room (secured to the wall, of course).

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