Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 7 - Crafty Reuse

I'm a sucker for clipping things out of magazines, so as a result I have binders and binders full of ideas. The binders were all in varying stages of decay: ripped covers, questionable binding, years of doodling on the front (clearly a sign of my rapt attention in college lectures). So today I gave them a makeover in two stages. First I covered all of them in matching fabric to make them look at least somewhat set-like (and to cover the aforementioned shabby covers and spines). Then I made labels for the binders out of bobby pins and bottle caps (I have dozens of both... the bottle cap collection is a given in Wisconsin, the bobby pin collection I can't quite explain since I haven't used a bobby pin since my high school prom). I secured the bottle caps to the pins with little glue dots and then put a picture inside the bottle cap to depict the subject of the binder. The bobby pins (why are they called 'bobby' pins?) then slide right on to the fabric covers. While not exactly Pottery Barn-esque, they look much better than before and I was able to salvage, rather than toss, several binders that were much past their prime.

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