Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 9 - Crafty Reuse

This project took a bit longer than expected (maybe because I spent a large portion of my weekend at my nephew's basketball tournament), hence the three days of no crafty reuse post. I saw this idea on Ali Edwards' blog, which is oh so fabulous and if you have any interest in scrapbooking you should check it out, she is so hip and has great ideas. Every Friday she does a Weekend Creative thing where she posts a sort of homework assignment to get your creativity flowing. Anyway, last Friday she posted this great idea of using a punch to see how different types of paper look and lay out together. She mentioned using junk mail as one of her paper sources and I was hooked and wanted to try out the idea. So, while I don't own a butterfly punch (and wasn't going to buy one as this month is all about purging, not buying!), I made a little template out of paper and spent some time cutting out little butterflies out of all sorts of scrap paper, from old maps, junk mail, magazines, out-dated promos for concerts, sheet music and lots and lots of scraps of scrapbooking paper (a great way to use up odd size scraps). Then I took an old frame, gave it a coat of paint, cut some new mats and voila! A fun piece of art work for the baby's room, made just from scraps of paper. Cheap, cool art with a reuse theme.

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BigG said...

My lovely bride just completed this butterly crafty re-use dealy-bob. We have them tacked up with small nails on our 4 year old's wall. It has really spruced the ugly walls too, and is keeping our planned painting project at bay!
Cool idea!
I love re-use, and have kept boxes of my grandfathers old nails, and other parts, so I don't have to run to the store all the time for smal items. Now as soon as I get my new workbench area organized, I can find these parts again!

Cool idea!