Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Freecycle it!

Do we ever outgrow the excitement of getting something for nothing? If you are like me and still have a bit of that college-age mentality, it is time to try Freecycle (see link). Freecycle is a listserve where people can exchange their no-longer-needed treasures for FREE! You can sign up for a Waukesha County specific list, so you don't have to travel far to pick up your winnings. We have gotten a Nordic track, chalkboard paint and fabric, all for free! Such simple fun. 

Oh wait, we are not supposed to be accumulating more stuff this month, even if it is with the nobel intention of keeping it out of someone else's garbage. Freecycle is also a wonderful way to find a new home for what you are purging this month, especially those items that cannot be donated elsewhere. We cleared out some yarn to a woman knitting for charity, found a boy scout troupe who could use an old trailer and passed along crib bedding to a new mom. Now, when we have something we don't know what to do with, my husband and I say, "Freecycle it!". It is great fun to purge stuff when you know it is going directly to someone who wants it. We're still looking for someone who might be in need of a very large flagpole-let us know if we can make your day!

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