Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 2 - Crafty Reuse

Day 2 of my personal crafty reuse challenge brings one of my all-time favorite projects - turning old, felted sweaters into fun bags. Today I made two bags out of one sweater, matching bags for my sister-in-law and my niece (the one pictured is the little one for my niece). They are knitting bags, so I put a liner on the inside with lots of pockets. Actually, a liner made from a medium-heavy weight cotton is a must with these bags as it prevents the bag from getting stretched out of shape when you actually use it. I also added a fun little flower as a detail, made from a scrap piece of suede (I used a pattern for the flower from Simple Gifts to Stitch by Jocelyn Worral, a fabulous book). There are many tutorials out there for sweater bags, one good one can be found here.

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Queen B said...

Hey Courtney! I'm so doing the purge/repurpose idea. I need to get started asap. Does actually framing pictures in all the frames I have bought, and hanging them count for "repurpose"?

BTW, I LOVE the bags you made out of my sweater :)